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TM-U220B-007 - Dot-Matrix-Printer, RS232, white, with Cutter

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Product Number: 2020-220.11
Manufacturer: Epson

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TM-U220B-007 - Dot-Matrix-Printer, RS232, white, with Cutter

Product Description (for current configuration):

TM-U220B-007 - Dot-Matrix-Printer, RS232, white, with Cutter
Incl. Power Supply and Connection Cable, without DC-Cord

General Product Series Description (can vary to current configuration):

One printer, three paper widths - with this handy feature, the TM-U220 is the first in the family of EPSON needle-book printers. While its predecessor, the TM-U210, is equipped with only one paper width, the TM-U220 offers the option of selecting between 58, 70 and 76 millimeter-wide paper rolls for the B and D variants. For the user, this not only means more flexibility, but potentially also cash. Because large trading companies with many cash desks can save significantly with narrower receipt rolls cost.
Speed ??counts - and therefore EPSON has further improved both the speed and performance of the printer. With a paper width of 76 millimeters and 40 characters per line, the TM-U220 prints at a speed of 4.7 lines per second. At 30 characters per line, it is even up to 6.0 lines per second. The time-consuming and time-consuming paper changes can be avoided in the future. The new simple drop-in paper shop, the receipt roll is replaced in seconds. The paper cutter offers two options. Depending on requirements, the user can choose between the "full cut" and the "one-point-left cut". While the "full cut" separates the whole bon clean, the "onepoint-left cut" does not quite cut off the bon - at one corner he still clings to the roll. This feature offers advantages especially in such trading areas, where the customer usually does not want to take the ticket. Like the TM-U210, the new version also has a two-color ribbon that allows 2-color printing in red and black. Logos or special offers can be so effectively highlighted. And last but not least, the TM-U220 offers two data memories: the user memory with 8 KB and the logo memory with 128 KB for faster printing of logos and graphics.
Like its predecessor, the new EPSON TM-U220 needle receipt printer is available in three versions: Version A is equipped with an automatic cutter and journal function, version B only has the automatic cutter. Variant C is the least expensive version, which contains neither of the two functions. Depending on where the TM-U220 is used - be it catering, hotel, retail or public space - users can choose the version that best suits their individual needs. For wall mounting, since January 2004, the wall bracket WH-10-020 with which the models TM-U220B and D hanging can be mounted. Incidentally, the TM-U230 - EPSON's Küchenprofi is also recommended for the catering trade. Software compatibility is also guaranteed: If you want to replace the TMU210 with the TM-U220, you can easily do that without having to adapt the POS software to the new printer.

- Three Paper Widths
- High printing Speed
- 2 Data Stores
- Excellent Value for Money
- Small Footprint
- Easy Paper Roll and Ribbon change

- Retail
- Specialized Trade
- Gastronomy

Technical Specifications:

Physical Characteristics (W x D x H): Type A 160 x 286 x 158mm, Type B 160 x 248 x 139mm, Type D 160 x 248 x 139mm
- Weight: Type A 2.7kg, Type B 2.5kg, Type D 2.3kg

- Printing Method: Dot matrix printing, 9 Needles
- Input Memory: 1 KB or 40 Bytes
- Logo Memory: 128 KB
- User Memory: 8 KB
- Print Speed: 6 lines/Sec. at 30 Characters per Line

- Character Size in mm: 1.2 / 1.6 / 1.7 / 1.9 / 2.0 (B) x 3.1 (H)
- Characters per Line: 76.0 mm: 42/40/35/33 cpl, 69.5 mm: 40/36/32/30 cpl, 57.5 mm: 33/30/27/25 cpl
- Cutter: integrated with Type A and Type B

- Paper Width Bon: 76.0mm +/- 0.5 (Type A, B, D), 69.5mm +/- 0.5 (Type B, D), 57.5mm +/- 0.5 (Type B, D)
- Paper Width Journal: 76.0mm +/- 0.5 (Type A)
- Outer Diameter max.: 83mm
- Ribbon: ERC-38, violet, black or red-black

- MTBF: 180.000 Hours
- MCBF: 18 Million Lines
- Auto Cutter: 800.000 Cuts

Safety & Conformity
- EMI Standard: CE Mark, EN55022 Class B, EN55024
- Safety: EN60950


Color : Light
Interface : RS232
Cutter : Yes
Paper Width (mm) : 57, 69, 76
Roll Diameter (mm) : 83
Printing Speed [<=] : 6
Characters/Line [<=] : 42
Colored Printing : Yes
Wall Mounting : Yes
RAM (KB) : 128
Emulations : ESC/POS
Drivers : Windows, Linux, OPOS

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